Substitute Plastic Trays with Eco-Friendly Plastic Trays

Published: 09th February 2011
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The Replacement of Plastic Trays

Every day in lunchrooms across the United States Styrofoam plastic trays are being discarded by the hundreds of thousands. This means fewer cleanups for kitchen staff and a more sterile serving environment. However, the end result is a significant amount of waste. One company is working to reduce the vast amount of unwanted waste that schools dump in our nationís landfills. They supply industrial corn starch based biodegradable food trays, deli-ware and trash liners that decompose in landfill within 360 days.

A Case Study in Replacing Plastic Trays

Colorado based United Management Group (UMG) has just completed a very successful pilot study where they developed a biodegradable replacement for plastic trays. This resulted in UMG supplying over 3 million biodegradable five compartment food trays to Denver Public Schools in 2010. DPS has 161 schools from K to 12 and currently serves over 46,000 lunches a day.

A Concentrated Market for Replacement Plastic Trays

UMG is committed to helping us become more aware of the environmental impact of the products we use. Thatís why the company is looking to find commercial customers to adopt the new sustainable packaging. This has the potential to change an entire industry. For example if the majority of schools and dining establishments begin to use the plastic tray replacements there will be far fewer people using traditional Styrofoam. When the demand dwindles the role of biodegradable food containers could take center stage.

The Importance of UMGís Commitment to Biodegradable Products to Replace Plastic Trays

Typical plastic products can be recycled, but in most cases they are deposited in landfills. Experts tell us that plastic degrades to some degree, but never really breaks down completely. This means that plastic never really returns to a natural state. The blended biodegradable products developed & supplied by UMG are genuinely biodegradable. This means that these unique products are subject to the same decay and breakdown as all organic matter as they are manufactured w/ an industrial corn starch material.

The products are designed to look like their conventional plastic counterparts, but are composed of organic materials that make a positive difference to the long-term impact on the environment and future residents of our planet. All products are water resistant, withstand temperatures up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit and will never breakdown in transit or in use. All products can even go from the freezer to the microwave with no leaching of any toxic material. The best news is that all products decompose within 360 days in landfill!

The Sustainable Bioplastic Tray

As with any green practice, people are most concerned with sustainability. As a plastic replacement, the new biodegradable trays are mainly comprised of industrial grade corn starch. The available supply of corn exceeds demand and is a highly renewable resource.

Currently the UMG products are more expensive. As demand improves most people believe the price will drop to a more competitive level. Those organizations who truly appreciate and understand environmental responsibility will not hesitate to encourage the use of products that are both sustainable and biodegradable.

The Future of Plastic Trays

America has always been filled with innovators. The use of biodegradable plastic trays is a great example of an advance that represents a positive use of resources and the prevention of a massive amount of long-term waste. Is it possible there will come a time when Styrofoam will simply be a footnote in a history lesson?

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